No Odour 300ml - Mild och effektiv doftspray
luktneutralisera spray
luktneutralisera spray

No Odour 300ml - air freshner with mild scent of bamboo

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Odour neutralizer that encapsulates and removes bad smells.

This practical product contains microorganisms and removes bad odours from toilets, garbage, cooking and cigarette smoke with a long-term effect. The only residue left from this process are carbon dioxide and water.

No Odor is completely harmless to the environment since it is biodegradable.

How to use:
Spray directly on the source of the bad smell. Works perfectly in your trainers, on your hands when you have smoked, in the sink or the trash compartment. It is completely harmless to clothing so sweat odors can be treated directly on the garment. The important thing is to find the source, use No odour and let it work until the smell disappears. Of course it is possible to spray the product randomly inside a room but it usually takes one to two minutes to locate all the scent molecules in the air.

Produced and manufactured in an environment and quality certified factory in Sweden.With scent of Bamboo, 300 ml.

luktneutralisera spray