About us

We have created Homie to invite people on a journey towards a more balanced life. We believe that health is a huge concept that encompasses many aspects of people's everyday lives. Exercise, what you eat, positive energy, beautiful environments and sufficient daily doses of nutrients. All in all, everything that makes life so wonderful to experience.

We are changing the concept of health. We want the high quality of our products to mirror the elegance in tour design, form and packaging of our collection. Homie's products are designed to be a perfect complement to conscious environments, so you proudly place them somewhere in your home rather than hiding them in your cupboards. This also provides a natural reminder, for instance, to take your vitamins every day.

We have worked together with experts in dietary advice, training and design, and with the greatest dedication, we have obtained a collection of high quality and sensible raw materials that really works. The products help everyone in one way or another to make everyday life a little more healthy, pleasant and beautiful.

This is the essence of Homie, since much of our life is spent at home, but you should never stop appreciating the wonderful life anywhere. Positive energy is infectious and if we can make people shine a little more we will all contribute to a better world.

The team behind the HOMIE-brand is fueled by curiosity and innovative thinking. Therefore, we developed a concept that combines design and function to create symmetry between the outside and the inside. This is something we also consider to be desirable for us people; finding a natural balance between exercise, work, children, school, meals, cleaning and anything else that is a part of life.

We will continue to develop concepts and ideas that raise awareness about how things around us affect our energy. Our ambition is that, in the relationship with our customers, we can awaken curiosity and create knowledge about how you are physically influenced by your habitat and create solutions to gain more balance in your life.

"Positive energy is infectious and

if we can make people shine a little more,

we get a better world ".