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Homie's primary key words are health and energy and Homie's CEO, Sekina Kling, is the un-crowned queen in the field. Here she shares her best health tips and gives concrete examples of how to create more positive energy in her everyday life.

What's your 3 best tips for health?

1). Take command of your thoughts, you become what you think and above all it becomes what you think!

2). Drink 2 glasses of water immediately when you wake up in the morning (preferably squeeze in lemon). It increases blood circulation, initiates digestion and flushes the body of the toxins that the body has worked hard to remove during the night. I usually drink a cup of Coffee infusion and take my Dailys.

3). Be active at least 30 minutes every day. If you cannot exercise, it is always possible to take a brisk walk. If you can, for example, walk between two meetings instead of going by car, you get both air, exercise, time for reflection and better environmental conscience. If you remind yourself of the benefits, it will suddenly be easy to create a new habit!

What is Homie to you?

- For me, Homie is a brand that develops and works with high-quality health products. We attach great importance to the exterior to match the inside, so that the products are inviting enough to make you want to decorate your home with them. We have a salutogenic thinking, where we focus on the healthy person and primarily create products to help optimize the energy in the body.

- We want to help create winning habits that give more energy. For example, when you have your health products in the kitchen, it is easier to remember to take your vitamins every day. Subconsciously, you then send positive signals to yourself that you care about your health.

How to get more balance in everyday life?

To put the concept together in one sentence, I would say that for me it is about having an excess of energy in relation to everyday demands. Having more energy during the day than you do away with is the key to everything. Then you can manage to make the decisions that make you feel good and thus create an inner harmony and balance.

Stop and ask yourself the questions:

What gives me energy?

What takes my energy?

There is no right or wrong answer, because all people are different. But the things that most affect my own energy are:

• What thoughts I think
• What diet do I eat
• How much movement and physical activity I create
• Stress
• Getting my vitamins and minerals in me.

Our energy flow is most affected by things we can affect ourselves! When you have balance in life it is not about being good at distributing units of time on different things.
I want to live life every day, not just survive!

Are there any concrete changes you can make in your life?

- I believe in consciously creating winning habits and routines. With small changes in lifestyle and routines, you can easily create more energy in your everyday life.

• Go up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do to create space for reflection and thought.

• If you have a height-adjustable desk in the workplace, start every day by getting up and working the first hour. It starts blood circulation and is very easy to do. If you end the day in the same way, the table is already raised when you arrive in the morning and then it becomes very natural to get a routine.
• Always have a salad on your side with your food, it provides extra vitamins, fiber and is a better "filler" than extra pasta, rice or potatoes to be saturated.
• Last but not least: actively choose to be grateful for at least one thing every day.
A life without gratitude, is like a light without wick!

CEO Homie-Life in Balance


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